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Spring Quarterly Luncheon Photo-Ops!

A few of our outstanding employees were awarded with service awards for their years of dedication yesterday during the company’s Spring Quarterly Luncheon.

Congratulations to the following employees (in order of photos):

  • Darrell Paul, General Worker – 5 Years of Service
  • Lizette Dominguez, General Worker – 5 Years of Service
  • Chris Vering, Chief Operations Officer –  15 Years of Service
General Worker, Darell Paul, Receives the 5-Year Service Award

(Left to right: President/CEO of Knit-Rite, Inc. & Therafirm, Mark Smith, Executive Vice President of Sales, Ron Hercules, General Worker, Darrell Paul & Chief Operating Officer, Chris Vering.)

General Worker, Lizette Dominguez, Receives the 5-year Service Award

(Left to right: President/CEO of Knit-Rite, Inc. & Therafirm, Mark Smith, Executive Vice President, Ron Hercules, General Worker, Lizette Dominquez, and Chief Operating Officer, Chris Vering.)

Chris Vering Receives 15-Year Service Award

(Left to right: Executive Vice President of Sales, Ron Hercules, Chief Operating Officer, Chris Vering, & President/CEO of Knit-Rite, Inc. & Therafirm, Mark Smith)

Love Your Knit-Rite Products? Tell Us About It & Support A Charity Of Your Choice!

April is National Limb Loss Awareness Month. During this month-long event, we’re asking you to share your story and send us your video testimonial about how our products have served you. As a ‘thank you’, we will donate $100 to one of the charities listed below!


Once you have recorded your video testimonial, just upload your video to a hosting service like YouTube and email the link along with your Video Testimonial Release Form to us at info@knitrite.com!

Please read the following before recording your testimonial:

  • Videos must be 1.5 minutes and no longer than 3 minutes in length.
  • Entries in which the reviewer’s face is obstructed are grounds to have submission denied.
  • Use of foul language is grounds to have submission denied.

Videos must answer the following questions:

  • Which product you are reviewing.
  • Why you use (Knit-Rite, Inc. product).
  • What you like about (Knit-Rite, Inc. product).

All who wish to submit a video testimonial must review, sign and attach our Video Testimonial Release Form along with their video submissions.


Knit-Rite, Inc. reserves the right to deny any submissions that are believed to be inappropriate for the purpose of this campaign event.


Annual 2014 Oklahoma O&P Meeting

Knit-Rite, Inc. booth at the Annual 2014 O&P Meeting in Oklahoma, March 28th-30th


Association of Children’s Orthotic-Prosthetic Clinics 2014

NEW! | 4-Way Stretch Shrinker with Rounded Toe

The new 4-Way Stretch Shrinker offers superior fit qualities, is extremely soft, and is easier to don. Core-spun construction provides a wider range of stretch. Other great benefits include:

  • Silicone dot suspension band to help keep shrinker in place. AK available with or without waist belt. 
  • Black version features X-Static to help prevent odor in the garment and provide wicking and thermal properties 
  • Available in Medium (20-30 mmHg) and Heavy (30-40 mmHg) compression, Transtibial and Transfemoral sizes.

The Knit-Rite Problem-Solver!

Last week I had a call for a shrinker for a trans-tibial amputee who weighed a little over 400 lbs. The problem is the large circumference difference between the knee and the thigh and the inability to keep the top of the shrinker from rolling down.  As I stressed over this, I thought about using an AK shrinker and uitilizing the belt to hold it up, but the AK shrinker is a straight tube and would not handle the large taper from the thigh to the distal end.

In response to this issue, we’ve made a lower extremity dressing retention and compression garment that is modeled after our AK shrinker that is tapered to go down over the shin and onto the forefoot. The lower extremity dressing retention and compression garment works great. The top is large enough to contain the entire thigh, the belt is long enough to go around the waist, and the taper is just right to provide compression on the residual limb. We chose to stitch the distal end to give a custom look, but patients can still add a bone ring distally to close. Try it out – it just may help solve the problem!

Doyle Collier– Doyle Collier,
Knit-Rite Technical Director, CP


AAOPA 2011

To everyone that stopped by at AAOPA, thank you!  To those of you that weren’t able to make it, we hope to see at another meeting soon!

Check out our tables at AAOPA!

NEW! Sterling Prosthetic Socks

The Knit Rite Sterling Prosthetic Sock was first developed in 1921.  Since that time, the finest materials have been combined with the most innovative technologies to create a premier prosthetic sock.  The Sterling Prosthetic sock features a reinforced toe, a more rounded toe and the absence of any open stitching.  All Sterling Socks are treated with a colored thread at the hem so the patient can determine the ply after washing.

Sterling Prosthetic Socks are available in Wool, Sterling Stretch, or Cotton.  The Sterling Wool sock is a blend of virgin domestic wool and Australian wool.  This blend provides the right about amount of stretch while still being soft.  One and two ply socks are 100% Australian wool.  Both are machine washable.

The Sterling Stretch Sock contains Cool-Max and Lycra so the sock conforms to the shape of the limb.  The Cool-Max also allows for moisture wicking.  This sock is fleeced on the inside which adds further comfort.

Cotton Sterling Prosthetic Socks are absorbent and hold their shape.  Shrinkage is minimal and can be mash washed.

For more information about the Knit-Rite’s Sterling Prosthetic Socks or to find a provider, please visit us online.

NEW! Patented Hemispherically Knit Toe

Knit Rite’s soft sock has a new, patented hemispherically knit distal end.  The originally cuddly, soft Knit Rite Soft Sock has been updated with a 3-D distal end to provide improved fitting and comfort over the traditional flat knit shape of traditional prosthetic socks.  Knit-Rite Soft Socks  contain the right amount of Lyrca to provide stretch for an optimal fit.

Soft Socks are available in X-Static and Micro-Cool.  Both fibers help to wick moisture away from the skin to inhibit the growth of odor causing bacteria.  With a fleeced interior, Soft Socks feel warm and cuddly next to the skin.

For more information about Knit-Rite’s Soft Sock or to find a provider near you, please visit Knit-Rite online.

Trulife Select Knee


The Trulife Select Knee offers smooth variable cadence and function for the active above the knee amputee.  Utlizing the 4 bar design, the Trulife Select Pneumatic Knee enhances stability and is appropriate for A/K amputees of all activities levels up to 225 lbs.

The Trulife Pneumatic Knee Features:

  • Smooth fluid-like funtion
  • Variable Cadance
  • 4 bar stability
  • Integral European four-hole proximal adapting surface
  • Durable, lightweight aluminum design