20 for 2020!

Let’s mix it up – here’s 20 random amputee points to get your 2020 started on the right “foot” (or left, whatever you got).

  1. Not all amputees like being called inspirational! I know, surprise! J Instead, just say hello!
  2. Kids will stare. Most of the time, I smile and reassure them that I am aware that I have robot legs and offer to give them a detailed look at my prosthetics. Despite it being extremely annoying, it is also a good way to educate others about amputees, because we amputees are awesome!
  3. Not all amputees were involved in tragic accidents or are veterans. There are so many ways to lose a limb. Cancer, diabetes, and other diseases are major factors in limb loss and amputation. Ask me instead of assuming it was tragic.
  4. We really, really, REALLY appreciate our ability to walk. Most of us try extremely hard to avoid resorting to wheelchair use, unless we absolutely have to.
  5. Helping is okay! Yes, I need help sometimes, but just ask me first if I need help. You can talk to me like a normal adult who spills chocolate milk on herself just like you.
  6. No two legs are the same! Our prosthetic sockets are carefully and meticulously molded to each of our stumps. Test sockets are made, things are shaped and cut down and built up and re-molded so no, we can’t switch for fun.
  7. We can and do lead normal lives! No, really, like we still have normal jobs, pay bills, have hobbies and argue with families.
  8. Your life after amputation WILL change – like, it will change dramatically and you will be a new person. You will hate it at first, because you will go through struggles and tough times. When you look back at your life, you’ll appreciate those struggles because they made you who you are today.
  9. You don’t have to match your socks!  Not that people ever really do match them anyway… Matching is overrated!
  10. With the amount of stares that you get from day to day, you could always place an advertisement on your prosthesis and have a company pay you to promote their product. You might as well give people something to read while their eyes are fixed in your direction! 😉 LOL!
  11. Don’t limit yourself, but remember, you have nothing to prove. It may sound corny, but there’s really nothing you can’t do if you’re persistent enough and determined enough. Whether it’s a sport, a hobby or a job you want, there’s a way to make it happen.
  12. It’s okay to be sad, but it is better to laugh when you can. Humor can be one of the greatest gifts for those of us who go through life looking different from other people.
  13. If you are missing one leg, then you only have to check one shoe for any creatures that may be hiding in there. And if you do happen to put on a shoe containing Mr. Spider, at least when your foot squishes him, you won’t feel it! LOL!
  14. I love giving my husband that look that says “please help this legless girl!” Two thumbs up to using my leglessness (is that even a word?) to my advantage! He seems to be wise to this by now, though. I guess, the honeymoon is over!
  15. We have a love/hate relationship with pants. Partially, we love pants! It is our way to hide our legs and protect from all the staring! But we also hate them very very much. Have you ever tried putting pants on a doll? OMG!!! It takes forever, and if your leg doesn’t bend, or maybe your leg hurts to bend that way and so and so on! My point is – if we amputees are wearing shorts in winter or pants in summer, don’t assume something and immediately tell us what to do! Let us do our own thing 😉
  16. Don’t assume that all disabled people look the same. I wish people would stop thinking that the world is made up of purely able-bodied individuals, and that the tiny minority who are disabled are easily recognizable. Broaden what you believe in. We don’t all look the same – just as able-bodied people don’t.
  17. Amputees can have children! No, not all of them are born with missing limbs!
  18. I might be missing two legs and some fingers, but darn it, I can change a mean diaper –probably better than my fully-limbed husband. 😉
  19. The life with one less limb isn’t so bad. Even if you’ve lost two, don’t lose heart. There are many stories in the news about the amazing developments in the prosthetic world. When you’re ready, the life-restoring prosthetics are there.
  20. And always my favorite one… Your toes never get cold! You know, because you don’t have toes!

There you go. There are 20 things for your 2020. Go get ’em, tiger!


One response to “20 for 2020!

  1. Love this post. #10 made me laugh. LOL. 😛

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