Why Being An Amputee Is AWESOME!?

I love reminding people that being an amputee is AWESOME! You ask me why? Well, let me tell you!

– Summer is almost over, and winter is getting closer and closer! You all are stressing out about cold feet, while I worry about what sandals I can wear this winter! … Because I ain’t got no toes, so my toes never get cold. LOL!


– Speaking of toes, I can’t stub them or have them stepped on. Also, I don’t have to worry about matching socks or my shoes being too tight! Sorry guys!

– Another advantage? Less of my legs means less shaving! Hey, I am just trying to be efficient! Don’t be jealous! Okay, be jealous!

– You can pull some great pranks. And, my list of possible jokes seems to be getting longer each day. You want to hear one? Okay, maybe not.

– With the amount of stares and questions that I get on daily basis, I could place an advertisement on my prostheses and have a company pay me to promote their product. I mean, I might as well give people something to read while their eyes are fixed in my direction!

– And I love giving my husband that look that says “please help this legless girl!” Two thumbs up to using my leglessness (is that even a word?) to my advantage! He seems to be wise to this by now, though. I guess, the honeymoon is over!

– And speaking of using my leglessness (really, is that a word?) to my advantage, how great is that disabled parking pass!? Right? It’s kind of fun too when I am judged before they realize that yes, I really do qualify for this! Ooops!


– Finally, I get to be part of a great community of people. We include people that have an extra drive to accomplish amazing things. We have run marathons, climbed mountains, and followed our own dreams and passions. But we also do very normal things too. We are firefighters, teachers, parents, neighbors and friends. We are church goers, gym enthusiasts, the family cook, and president of the PTA. It is a pretty great community that I am proud to be part of!

So yeah, being an amputee isn’t so bad! Actually, it is great and it has to be. After all, you can’t really go back, so you might as well make the most of this new great life and find joy in every day.


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