Amputee Camps are Awesome!

Summer time means free time and fun time! For many children, they are off to camp, where they get to do a variety of things they don’t get to do the rest of the year. Who doesn’t love swimming, boating, archery, giggling in a tent all night with your friends, s’mores, ghost stories and songs around the camp fire, hikes in the woods, and of course, fun camp games.

Summer camps are an excellent way for kids to enjoy the summer and have fun! Amputee camps are a safe place for kids to learn more about living with limb loss and limb difference. Amputee camps have evolved to resemble more traditional summer camps, complete with canoes and campfires. Most importantly, the focus is on the campers.

Traditional camps are a wonderful experience for kids. However, amputee children may feel overwhelmed in a “standard” camp. Attending a specialized camp for amputees may relieve some of the pressure and allow children be themselves, have fun and meet friends just like them.

Here are some great resources for finding the right amputee camp for your child:

Retreats, Camps & Recreational Programs for Amputation

Camp No Limits

Amputee Coalition – Youth Camp

Summer Camps for Amputee Kids

Letting your child grow up is hard for many parents, but it is important for to let your child grow and develop on their own. Camps are an excellent outlet for that!

Happy camping, campers! 😉

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