Endeavor Games 2019!

It’s been a week since I got back from the Endeavor Games 2019 that took place in Edmond, Oklahoma. If you don’t know what they are, then you are missing out! 😉 The Endeavor Games are competitions for athletes of all ages with physical disabilities. These games are great opportunities for athletes to display their talents in a proper and competitive setting against all individuals with similar disabilities.

This is Knit-Rite’s third year as a sponsor for the Endeavor Games, and I maintained a booth to display our products.  We introduced a few of our items to athletes who were competing, as well as their parents and friends.

Introducing our products, such as the pink prosthetic Soft Socks and SmartKnitKIDS seamless sensitivity socks, to parents of young athletes was satisfying, because I witnessed them recognizing that we are able to meet their child’s needs. We also had a few parents and kids who recognized our products and thanked Knit-Rite for our high quality socks. It is always rewarding to work for a company that makes quality products, as well as hearing it from others.

One of my favorite things at the Endeavor Games, was seeing a younger generation proudly competing while having the times of their lives! I’ve been to Endeavor Games for many years now, and it’s wonderful to see those younger kids grow up and maintain the positive spirit displayed at the games. It’s also great to catch up with everyone and see how their lives changed in the past year.

It was uplifting seeing everyone’s support while cheering each other on. Whether it’s a veteran swimming his first meet; a 2-year-old boy competing in his first wheelchair race; or even a young lady trying table tennis for the first time – each of these moments will be embedded in the memories I’ll always hold of the Endeavor Games 2019!

 It was another successful year full of positivity, hugs, smiles, encouragement, and most of all, no judgment! It was an honor to be there as Knit-Rite’s representative and introduce our amazing products to everyone. I already look forward to next year and making new memories, meeting new friends, and introducing even more people to Knit-Rite. …See you next year at the Endeavor Games 2020!

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