Let’s talk about legs . . . and feet – the little things!

When we hear the word amputee, the first thing that comes to our minds is usually that person is missing a limb (or maybe more).  Technically, that is correct! However – here’s a different perspective for you! I might be missing “real” legs, but I have several prosthetic legs. One set is for running, and one set is for walking! I even have an old set, kind of like an old pair of shoes. 😉 So technically, I have more legs than a “normal” person! Got you to think, right?

I often hear things like, “Oh, it must be fun to switch legs from running to walking and vice versa!” Nooo, not really! I wish I could just have legs that are “attached” to me, and I wouldn’t have to switch them between my activities, but I am not complaining. My prosthetic legs allow me to do things that I wouldn’t be able to do if I didn’t have these legs.  It’s all about perspective and appreciating the little things!

Speaking of little things. I recently got new prosthetic legs for walking. I bet you don’t hear that often! Lol! The new feet have “split toe.” Most “normal” people don’t think of it as a big deal, but let me tell you, it is. I was SOO happy for that little detail, because I can wear shoes with split toe. Don’t get me wrong, sandals with without split toe are cute, but the ones with split toe are wayyyy cuter! First world girl problems. 😉 So yeah, guess who already went shopping for a cute pair of split toe sandals? And, has new painted “toes”? This girl! Basically summer ready!

I wrote this blog is to remind you, as w ell as myself, to be grateful for the little things! What may be a small detail to you, might be a life changer for another person! It might make your day to buy an expensive pair of Gucci sandals, and for me, I am happy for a split toe in my new “feet”.

Perspective is a beautiful thing that challenges us to see this world from a different view! Look at your feet and be thankful for the natural split between your toes! 😉 I bet you have never been grateful for that before! #perspective

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