Knit-Rite Expands Into Animal Kingdom – Meet Moko, The Sheep!

Three years ago, Kristin Hartness and Jay Yontz, a North Carolina couple and animal advocates, followed their dream and found a non-profit named after their pet pig – Ziggy’s Refuge Farm Sanctuary – on their 85 acre historic farm. It’s full of love and magic because of the 62 rescued animals they have there. The majority of these animals having special needs – including many with prosthetics and braces. Moko, the sheep, is their most sensitive case!

Photo Courtesy of Kristin Hartness

Kristin rescued Moko and his sister Jumbie when they were only 12 weeks old. They had been told that there were two sheep that had suffered from frostbite, and needed a home with specialized care. When Kristin and Jay went to see them, Moko had already lost both back feet. Both sheep had als o lost the tips of their ears from frostbite. Kristin described what she saw as “the most angelic white ball of perfection.” 

Krisitn immediately took both sheep to the University of Tennessee for a complete examination, and they found that Moko has severe bone spurs in his back nubs. For Moko, this felt like walking on knives. After surgeries and prosthetics, Moko was still having issues with his back legs, so they decided to try out a wheelchair. It worked great until both of his front carpals collapsed. Now, the sweetest sheep on earth has four severely compromised legs. Moko now wears braces on his front legs and prosthetics on the back. 

Photo Courtesy of Kristin Hartness

Moko and Jumbie have lived inside the couple’s house since they brought them home. It was going to be temporary, but now Moko sleeps in the bed with them. “So, that’s the end of that story,” says Kristin. 

According to Kristin, Moko is a dreamboat and is the happiest most-loving creature they have ever encountered. They knew he deserved a chance, and they promised Moko that they would do anything in the world to give him the best life ever. Totally opposite of her brother Moko, sister Jumbie is wild and rebellious. For Krisitn and Jay, Moko and Jumbie are perfect companions.

Knit-Rite Soft socks have been game changers for Moko, as they add and subtract socks whenever there is swelling. The socks not only keep him comfortable from day to day, but also helped him heal when bandaging wouldn’t heal open wounds on his nubs. Knit-Rite socks were the only solution for him!

Photo Courtesy of Kristin Hartness

Even though our socks were designed with humans in mind, we are excited to know that our mission of improving lives extends to animal kingdom, as well! Thank you Kristin Hartness for sharing Moko’s story with us!


One response to “Knit-Rite Expands Into Animal Kingdom – Meet Moko, The Sheep!

  1. Sylvia B Badger

    Awe, this is so great! I have met Kristin, Jay and Ziggy. I still need to meet Moko and Jumbie! It’s always sweet to see heartwarming stories such as this!

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