Get To Know Your Blogger

What are the top greatest moments of your life?

Getting my masters degree in English because I was always worried that I wouldn’t get an education due to my disability. The same goes for marrying my husband, running a marathon and finally, becoming a mommy to Mr. Gabriel!!

What is the last book you read? Did you like it? Do you recommend it to others? The last book that I read was Last Song by Nicholas Sparks. It is about a daughter spending the summer with her father, although she’d rather be at home in NY. The father tries to reconnect with his daughter, but the only thing they have in common is music— which finally allows them to connect! The story has a sad ending that makes you appreciate your family. I remember crying while reading this book! I LOOOVED it! I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes a heart-wrenching story!

Have you ever had a nickname? I have a few – Miss T or Tanyabelle! My American families started it.

What would you do if you won the lottery? Not to be too selfish, but I’d definitely pay off all my bills, and maybe buy a few fun things for myself. Then I’d help my families, of course. But finally, I’d start a Non-profit! I’ve always wanted to give back by helping other amputees who cannot afford prosthetic legs! The money would be a great start to my dream of giving back.

What is your favorite place that you’ve ever visited?


I absolutely love to travel and wish I had the time and money to do more! My husband and I visited Virginia a few years ago and fell in love with the mountains! Oh, Tucson, Arizona is also gorgeous!

If you could change one thing in this world to positively impact people, what would it be?

IMG_4566.jpgStop seeing disability as a disease! Stop making a big deal about disability! I cannot wait until one day I walk into the store, and not one person stares at my legs with curiosity and call me an inspiration. Instead, they’ll focus on their own business and possibly compliment how cute my baby is. 🙂

What is one thing you will never do again? I used to think that I’d never run another marathon – now that sometime has passed, I want to run another marathon!! However, I never ever ever want to ride another rollercoaster, ever, as long as I live – never!

What is your favorite holiday? New Year! I miss celebrating it the way I grew up celebrating it. We cooked food all day, then stayed up all night, eating that food and celebrating the New Year! It was always a magical time for me!

What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives? Everyone should definitely do something that truly challenges them to their limit, at least once in their life. For me, it was running a marathon. So I would suggest running a marathon, but maybe your super big challenge is something different.

What is something that you’ve never tried, but would like to? Okay, so this is cheesy… I’ve never had toes or feet, right? Well… I’ve always wanted to be a ballerina or a gymnast, because I absolutely love when toes are pointed out! Ha, weird, I know! Welcome to my world of no feet!

You’ve lived in more than one place. What place do you most call home? Definitely, Kansas City! That’s where I went to school, met my husband, where my American families live! It’s a great city! Though, I wouldn’t mind if Kansas City had a mountain or a beach. 😉 But Belarus will always hold a special place in my heart – that’s where I was born!

What was the best compliment you’ve ever received?


As part of my mentoring experience with Girls on The Run, one of the young runners said that she’d like to be just like me when she grows up! Hopefully she keeps both of her legs! 😉 All jokes aside, it’s nice to be recognized as a runner and not a girl with prosthetic legs!

What would you want your epitaph to be? I want people to remember me for my smile and how smiley I am! Smiles show you are happy and I am!

If you could make one rule that everyone had to follow, what rule would you make? Please wash your hands after you go potty – germs are everywhere! Mic drop!

What are your top 2 favorite smells? Gasoline and the smell of new books! But not at the same time!

If your life was a book, what is the name of the chapter you’re currently in?Sleep is for the weak!” Newborn problems!

What have you created that you’re most proud of?

Most definitely, Gabriel John Trimborn!


What is the best lesson learned from your parents? My birth family was always hard on me – I definitely owe them for my stubbornness and persistence. My American families thought me to give back because they always helped me and their love and generosity was evident in their everyday lives.

Now that you’ve run a marathon and become a mom, what is the next big challenge you would like to achieve? Raise a well-adjusted son who is funny, kind, smart, companionate and successful! Write a book about my life. Compete in a full Ironman! Run the Boston Marathon. And, get a full, relaxed, non-disrupted night’s sleep! Gabe, let’s work on that last challenge tonight – no pressure, bud!

What is your biggest fear? Snakes – ewww.



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