April – National Amputee Awareness Month!

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Photo Courtesy of amputee-coalition.org


Happy April 1st –AKA April Fool’s Day! But this is not a joke, because April is also a National Amputee Awareness Month! The purpose of Amputee Awareness Month is to educate and celebrate by sharing the realities of living with limb loss and limb differences.

Speaking of realities, there are roughly 1.7 million people in the United States living with limb loss.  No one ever expects to lose a limb, but still there are an average of 500 people every day who lose limbs due to military service, vascular diseases, traumas or cancer. Despite these statistics being so staggering, due to significant advancements in the quality of prosthetic limbs, it may be difficult to even determine that someone you meet has even lost a limb.

Image result for april national limb loss awareness month

Photo Courtesy of amputee-coalition.org


Many amputees are able to have careers and participate in activities that were once thought difficult or impossible. Of course, this is all with the help of well-made and well-fitting prosthetics.  A good, comfortable fit is key to an amputee’s mobility, which is why our team at Knit-Rite makes the prosthetic socks that we do.  It is our mission to improve the quality of life for amputees and others through our products.  Every day our team works, not only to make these products, but to make improvements upon them.

Today and all days, we’d like to send a big high-five to all the 1.7 million Americans who are living with limb loss.

Join with me and the Amputee Coalition by wearing something orange every Wednesday this month to help spread awareness.


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