I’m Back From Maternity Leave (and Really Sleep Deprived!) – Expectation vs. Reality

Hi everyone! I’m baaaaaak!

I’ve missed you all so much! Funny how your world can change so dramatically over the course of six weeks. Now I have a human that depends on me ALL THE TIME! This human can’t talk, but will scream to remind you that he’s the boss now! 🙂



I worked up until my induction date (41 weeks), so I was more than ready to start my maternity leave. I was looking forward to having more time to spend on me, baby and just house projects I had been putting off. Since I had no close mom friends yet to give me knowledge of the “real” experiences, I heard phrases like ‘Bet you can’t wait to be on holiday for 6 weeks,” which just fueled my excitement. Oh the naiveté!

Here are a few examples of what I thought versus what really happened, y’all!

Expectation: Freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want. I could watch shows, read books, and start the projects I had been putting off for a while.
Reality: Errrr, no! I had a new boss with very different working hours – 24/7. I got short breaks when he slept, but that was not always guaranteed. These breaks were initially spent sleeping, tidying, washing, eating – anything but sitting down really.

Expectation: Regular meet up with friends and other errands
Reality: Leaving the house with a baby is a task. On the rare occasion that I made it on time, I felt like I deserved a medal. So yeah, meeting with friends, or grocery shopping wasn’t going to happen much with my newborn.

Expectation: I’ll become a domestic goddess
Reality: After spending the last few months of pregnancy trying to keep on top of the chores and cooking, I gave in and accepted my situation. No matter how much tidying I did, the mess always reappeared. That’s why anyone inviting themselves over would be greeted with ‘Excuse the mess’.

Expectation: I would look forward to having some away time from the baby
Reality: After the whirlwind fun with the baby, I thought I would be ready for some “adulting” about 6 weeks in. But even with the lack of sleep and all that babies come with, dropping off my newborn at the daycare was difficult.

The point of this blog is to learn from me and be flexible – this applies to everyone and everything, whether you are a new parent, new amputee or just about anything! Basically, just go with the flow!

And also…just in case you missed it – I AM BACK!


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