More than just a family…

The holidays are basically here! For some, they can be stressful, exhausting and just overwhelming. For others, it is the best time of the year because it is the season to indulge in all the goodies, do lots of holiday decorating and see all the family and friends!

Speaking of family! Since I moved to the US 10 years ago, I haven’t seen my birth family since then (Though I am thankful for Skype!) That makes the Holidays difficult, because I don’t have them close by. However, I am so grateful for my little Trimborn family at my house.


My little Trimborn family


But, I also have three American families here in Kansas City who treat me like their own daughter. Trust me, I don’t have to worry about spending my holidays by myself – ever!

Lastly, I have a work family – Knit-Rite! I am very fortunate to work for them because they treat me and all employees with so much love and respect! This week we had our annual Christmas party where we all got together and celebrated.






Seems like a simple event but very thoughtful and so full of laughter, joy and love. This event brings back many past employees who have made a huge impact on the culture of the company.

Family to Knit-Rite means more than just people in the building. It’s also extended to our customers and distributors – like Cascade who recently was affected by the devastating fires in Paradise, California.


Knit-Rite visiting Cascade during fires in Paradise, California


Family also extends to our community, where we volunteer at the local charitable organization, Crosslines, and raise money to contribute to their Christmas store.


All these goodies went to Crosslines for their annual Christmas store 


Family is who you make it – and mine is made up of every aspect of my life. And it is the best all around!

Happy Holidays!


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