Why Amputees Have A Love-Hate Relationship With Pants!

It’s that time of year where wearing warm clothes like sweaters and pants is a necessity! But when it comes to amputees and pants, well, we have a love/hate relationship with pants.  

Partially, we love pants! You know why? It isn’t necessarily to stay warm. But it is our way to hide our legs and protect from all the starring! So often when I wear pants in public, people don’t even realize that I wear a prosthesis, especially when I tell them I have 2 prosthetic legs.

But we also hate them very very very much! I am sure you are wondering why we would hate pants if they are protecting us from the public eye. Excellent question!!! Well…Have you ever tried putting pants on a doll? OMG!!! It takes forever, and if your leg doesn’t bend, or maybe your leg hurts to bend that way and so and so on! And now that I am pregnant and still an amputee, putting pants on prosthesis takes even more time and energy – thankfully my husband is there for me! Finally, wearing pants with prosthesis can be really hot and extremely uncomfortable.

My point is – if we amputees are wearing shorts in winter or pants in summer, don’t assume something and immediately tell us what to do! Let us do our own thing 😉

3 responses to “Why Amputees Have A Love-Hate Relationship With Pants!

  1. Hi Tanya!
    My name is Aaron and I am an AK who lives outside of Atlanta Georgia. I was wondering if you knew of a legitimate dating site for amputees? I know this may seem odd, but I am having my prosthesis adjusted and I just saw your magazine and of course I was drawn to it because it has a hot amputee chic in it .LOL. Anyway , I’ve been an amputee since December 2016 and haven’t dated since then, mainly because I would rather date an amputee because they would understand that I’m in my wheel chair at night etc.etc… BUT I have not been able to find a LEGITIMATE dating site for amputees . If you know of any please let me know, and if not that’s ok as well. Here is my contact info :
    atlasrising10@gmail.com . I’m a 6ft 4inch, caucasian male , and I’m in the gum four days a week and I’m a fulltime student .
    Thank you, Aaron Lester

    • Hi Aaron,
      Sorry for the late reply. I just missed your message. My best advice to you is, although it feels more comfortable to date an amputee, don’t limit yourself to only amputees. I am not aware of any legitimate amputee dating sites, as I have never used them myself. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist. You are more than just your amputation. Be confident in your abilities and all of the things that make you great. Singles out there will notice a fun and confident Aaron whether they are amputees or not. Thank you so much for reaching out and keep me posted in your daily journey.

  2. I am an amputee and joined an ordinary dating site which asked if I was disabled. In my Profile I explained a bit more about my prosthetic leg. I was surprised at how many enquiries I have had and have even met a couple of men before Covid. Neither were put off by my disability and I think men think you are determined and have some character to overcome your disability.
    I would rather be upfront about things than tell them when we meet.
    I have a prosthetic leg with high definition cosmesis so it does resemble my good leg. So I could get away with not telling them in advance but at some stage if things progress you are going to have to come clean!

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