Why Amputees Have A Love-Hate Relationship With Pants!

Image result for it's cold gifsGifs courtesy of theodysseyonline.com

It’s that time of year where wearing warm clothes like sweaters and pants is a necessity! But when it comes to amputees and pants, well, we have a love/hate relationship with pants.  

Partially, we love pants! You know why? It isn’t necessarily to stay warm. But it is our way to hide our legs and protect from all the starring! So often when I wear pants in public, people don’t even realize that I wear a prosthesis, especially when I tell them I have 2 prosthetic legs.

Image result for i hate pants gifsGifs courtesy of tenor.com

But we also hate them very very very much! I am sure you are wondering why we would hate pants if they are protecting us from the public eye. Excellent question!!! Well…Have you ever tried putting pants on a doll? OMG!!! It takes forever, and if your leg doesn’t bend, or maybe your leg hurts to bend that way and so and so on! And now that I am pregnant and still an amputee, putting pants on prosthesis takes even more time and energy – thankfully my husband is there for me! Finally, wearing pants with prosthesis can be really hot and extremely uncomfortable.

My point is – if we amputees are wearing shorts in winter or pants in summer, don’t assume something and immediately tell us what to do! Let us do our own thing 😉

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