Product Spotlight: Knit-Rite Knee Interface

Have you ever had to wear a knee brace?  If so, you’ve probably been faced with a difficult dilemma.  Do you wear your brace under your pants and risk irritating your skin or over your pants and tackle the bunching and bulky uncomfortableness?  What you really need is a knee interface.

Knee Interfaces from Knit-Rite are worn snug against the skin under a knee brace.  The interface works as a comfortable and protective barrier between the brace and your skin, preventing and protecting from abrasions caused from the brace.  Knee Interfaces can also be worn alone – without a knee brace – for comfort or skin protection.


Unlike many knee sleeves, the Knit-Rite Knee Interfaces are easy to put on and take off.  The products contain multi-directional stretch designed to allow a wide range of activities.  This 4-way stretch moves with your body during any activities without inhibiting any type of activity or movement. Our knee interfaces allow good circulation and are not as bulky as a neoprene garment.  The interfaces can also easily be worn under clothing.


Our knee interfaces provide supportive compression, which will help to reduce any pain or swelling in the leg and knee.

Knit-Rite knee interfaces contain 30-40mmHg of gradient compression at a 50% stretch.


Knee interfaces are available in a variety of options.  Color options include black, white and grey.  Sizing is measured in inches and includes 6, 7, 8 and 9.  Two lengths are available, also – a shorter 18 inch length and a longer 20 inch length.  Finally, you can choose either a straight or tapered sleeve.

Knit-Rite, Inc. Knee Interfaces can be purchased on Amazon!  Search for Knee Interface or click here!

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