Product Spotlight! – Knit-Rite Torso Interface Protective Body Socks

For someone who has scoliosis and wears a brace to correct it, a special undershirt or torso interface protective body sock is a must.  It will protect your skin from chaffing and keep the brace more sanitary.

But, you won’t want just any t-shirt under your brace.  For maximum comfort, it’s best to wear a tight-fitting and seamless shirt.  A tight-fitting shirt will prevent wrinkles or bunching of the shirt underneath the brace.  And a shirt that does not have seams will reduce the tendency of the brace to cause skin irritation.

With some scoliosis conditions, it is necessary to wear a brace that comes up very high underneath the armpit.  This can be a further point of irritation and the wearer will need a torso interface shirt that has axillary flaps – or an extra flap of material that folds over the brace and protects the delicate skin of your armpit.


To address the needs of those that wear braces, Knit-Rite designed, developed and introduced its Torso Body Sock to the orthotic profession in 1980.  Our body sock can be worn with all types of spinal orthoses and body jackets.

Knit-Rite’s Torso Interface Protective Body Socks offer the maximum comfort due to its superior quality.  Slightly heavier than a t-shirt, our Torso Interface provides more cushioning, moisture wicking and anti-microbial properties to keep skin dry, protected and comfortable.  Each torso interface has seamless finishing and helps to prevent skin irritation.  The garments are made with super soft materials for added soft comfort against the skin.  An outstanding stretch allows the garment to fit tight against the skin and be virtually wrinkle-free, reducing another point of irritation.


The torso garments are made in different materials to meet the varying needs of most patients.  Material options include CoolMax®, Silver X-Static® and Cotton/Lycra.  The CoolMax® option, which is white in color, is a premier moisture wicking fiber.  Silver X-Static®, which is grey in color, is especially helpful when skin rashes are noticeable.  Both of these fibers are antimicrobial to help eliminate odor in the garment.  For those that prefer a natural fiber, there is also a Cotton/Lycra option, which is a light beige in color.

Many people that wear a brace and torso interface want to be able to adequately hide it under their regular clothes.  For this reason, the torso interface is made in several different styles – a basic crew neck, sleeveless garment; a crew neck with sleeves; a crew neck with axilla flaps (for the brace that comes up high under the armpit); a basic V-neck, sleeveless; a V-neck with axilla flaps; a V-neck with only a left side axilla flap; a strapless option and a turtle neck.  The turtle neck is only in smaller sizes and intended for use with a Mehta Procedure.

Knit-Rite Torso Interface Body Socks can be purchased on Amazon or on!

* Not all size options are available in every material option.

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