Depression – Evil Thing

Depression is one evil thing. It controls our mind, thoughts, ideas, body and much more. Depression goes away and comes back. We all have been depressed, whether it’s for a day, or for a month, or who knows, many years. I do not know a solution to this evil problem. But I do know one thing, it will get better! 🙂

Let’s think of that time when we were babies. I am sure that we were not depressed then. We had this spunky attitude. If we wanted something, we would get it either by tears or cuteness!! And let me be honest with you, guys! I have my moments! There’s a not a day when I wake up and say “Yes, I have no legs again!” Of course I look at myself and see that I am not “perfect.” But who is?

I don’t like it when kids point at me or all the starring I get daily. I don’t like when I have to put on those legs and they are aching everywhere. But then I smile and remind myself that nobody is perfect, and there are people who have less than me or are dealing with bigger issues than me! I bet they would give anything for my body or your body, or your problems! Or they would love to be able to run distances like me! All of this reminds me that everything is okay.

Depression is evil but people that it affects are not. Everyone has something in their life that makes them special. Everyone has something to give to others. Focus your attentions on your talents and what you can give to others. Seeing what you can accomplish and what you can do to help those that really need it can be uplifting, as well as change your perspective on your own challenges. Remember, it will be okay and it will get better!




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