Tanya’s Top Reasons – Take 2!


Photo courtesy of clker.com


It is time for the second edition of Tanya’s Top Reasons why it is great to be an amputee! I have such a good time putting these together, because many of these are things people don’t even think about. Always my best advice, don’t take life too seriously and have a little laugh with me while you are reading my latest edition. You know, I am already laughing!

1. With the amount of stares that you get from day to day, you could always place an advertisement on your stumplet and have a company pay you to promote their product. You might as well give people something to read while their eyes are fixed in your direction! 😉

2. You don’t have to match your socks!  Not that people ever really do match them anyway… Matching is overrated!


Photo courtesy of catersnews.com


3. You get to spend a lot of time hanging out with doctors and therapists! Just what everyone dreams about, right?! Actually, real talk here…I do enjoy my appointments because it’s exciting to see how much progress prosthetic technology makes. Well, and everyone at the prosthetic office is really nice.






Doyle Collier (my prosthetist from Decker O&P) is doing a cast of my legs


4. You can usually get the good parking spots. I’m sure that eventually I’ll ditch the disabled parking pass when it gets warmer outside, but for now, I’m going to use it…especially since snow and ice are coming.


Photo courtesy of myparkingsign.com


5. If you are missing one leg, then you only have to check one shoe for any creatures that may be hiding in there. And if you do happen to put on a shoe containing Mr. Spider, at least when your foot squishes him, you won’t feel it! LOL!

6. You find a lot of uses for random household items. I use clear bra straps to make sure my slide sandals stay on my prosthetic feet. Prosthetists may use lipstick to mark socket fittings. Next time I am asking to use my lipstick shade instead of his! Lol!! So pretty much any item can be used in ways other than their intended purposes to either enhance or learn about your prosthetics.


Photo courtesy of livewithoutlimbs.com


7. There are more, creative job opportunities. I  have come across a LOT of patient advocates, which are really important roles to play in the community. It’s a niche market. Not only are we available to help, but very much capable of it as well! You learn the value of working hard every day when it comes to mobility. Why not appreciate that same sense of hard work when it comes to your job?

8. Speaking of mobility, you have a greater appreciation of it. More often than not, amputees have acquired their limb loss later in life, so they actually had experiences BEFORE their amputations. Gratitude is a powerful tool, and it’s always helpful to have around in any circumstance.

9. And always my favorite one… Your toes never get cold! You know, because you don’t have toes!


I really need to clean my “toes” sometime


I hope you are laughing your toes off, because you probably have some to spare!


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