14 Things You’ll Understand If You’re Dating Someone With Leg Amputations!

Who wouldn’t want to date someone who is part robot? 😉

  1. People will be weirdly nosey.


Photo courtesy of memegen.com


“Do they take it off for bed?” “What does it look like?” “Can they walk like a real person?” “Do they use it while being intimate?”

2. But you’ll have use that as an excuse to brag about your loved one!  

“I don’t know if you’ve heard, but she learned to walk again in a matter of months.” “His prosthetist say he’s the best walker in town.” “She’s a pretty big deal in the leg industry.”

3. And anyway, weird questions can be fun when your loved one has a great sense of humor.


Photo courtesy of lovepanky.com


Little kid at the beach: How did you lose your leg?

Loved one: A shark ate it.

Little kid: *gulps*

Loved one: At this beach.

Little kid: *runs*

4. And spooning is far more comfortable. …because there’s so much extra space to wrap myself around.

5. But you have to be careful when play-fighting. 


Photo courtesy of memegenerator.net


You know when you accidentally kick a lamp post? It’s like that, but a metal leg.

6. There will be some leg-related accidents. 

Recalling will go something like this from you: “Remember that time I tripped and all your legs came falling down on top of me?” “Yup, didn’t hurt at all,” she replies.

7. Your loved one will use any excuse to show off their physical capabilities. 


Trust me, their balance is on point.

8. But they’ll also use it as an excuse to be waited on.

Loved one: Can you get me a cup of water please?

Me: You get it.

Loved one: *points to leg and shrugs*

Me: C’mon!

9. You’ll receive recommendations on every movie that includes a leg amputee.

My Dog Skip

The Fault in Our Stars


Yep, seen them all!

10. You’ll discover new things, like leg art…


Photo courtesy of R. Williams and Lila Mai Caldwell / Via thealternativelimbproject.com


I mean, come on. Insane.

11. Fancy Halloween costumes will step up to a whole new level.

You’ll have discussed and created an extensive list of characters that you can dress up as together, e.g. shark attack, a pirate, the Terminator.

12. You’ll start to hate things for your other half, like airport security…

You’ll roll your eyes as the metal detector goes off and your loved one has to endure yet ANOTHER full-body search.

13. ..and phantom pain.


Photo courtesy of deviantart.com


It has nothing to do with a guy in a mask that sings at the Opera. Phantom pain is having an itchy foot that you can’t scratch, but it’s worse because that foot doesn’t exist anymore.

14. And at the end of the day, you both know having one leg, two legs or no is seriously awesome … especially together!

Happy Love Day! ❤




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