Does fashion for amputees differ from mainstream fashion?

Fashion and style changes every day. Some things go away and some things come back around. And some things are truly just brand new. Remember choker necklaces? They’re back!!!!


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But… Does fashion for amputees differ from mainstream fashion? Not unless you want it to. Amputees can adapt any style out there currently or they can create their own style.

Are there clothes specifically designed for amputees? Absolutely!

As I was doing some research, I found a great company that actually does some great work with clothing that adapts to disability needs and makes dressing and fashion easier. As an amputee, pants are something I don’t care for, because it takes a while to put them on. However, BKQ Amputee Boutique will adapt clothes like pants and blouses based upon the person’s ability to dress themselves.

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I think I found a new shopping website!!!

Looking good isn’t just about the clothes you wear but also about having the confidence. The main advice I can give to you about fashion is to have confidence in yourself. Confidence looks great on everyone. Whether you are wearing a skirt or a pair of shorts, be confident and show it off. You’ll be surprised how well people respond to confidence.

Here a few of my tips on how to dress for confidence.

Learn how to dress for your body. And I mean really learn. Know what denim style looks best on you; what fabric is most flattering. Experiment with skirt length to determine what is better for your figure or what elongates you best if you’re petite. Consider being measured for a proper bra size, so that you wear one that truly fits (we’ve all been there). Wearing one that isn’t the right size can affect the look and fit of your outer clothes.

Know what color looks good on you! The right colors can make your hair color radiant, your eyes pop, and your skin glow. The wrong colors can make you look sallow, washed out, or even tired.


Embrace your favorite features. What are your favorite parts of your body? Do you love your long or prosthetic legs, your height, your curves? Find outfits that play up and flatter these features, and mask the features that you dislike. You want to show off what you want people to see, and mute what you don’t. For example, my thighs are two different widths due to my prosthesis, so finding pants that fit right is difficult. Skirts are easier for me to put on but they also take the focus off of my thigh issue. Win win!


Finally, define your style.The most important secret for confidence is simply to be true to yourself and appreciate your uniqueness. This is the case for dressing as well. Instead of attempting to emulate what’s trendy or someone else’s style, know what you like and what is comfortable for you. Finding a signature style will help you make every outfit you wear personal, so that you feel confident showing the world (or your boss or friend) who you are.

Bottom line, your first concern when getting dressed should be to empower yourself. Impressing others is just a by-product. And if a company like, BKQ Amputee Boutique can improve your fashion by adapting your clothes to your needs, then that’s even better! 🙂 Be you and Be proud!


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