Q.A. time!

Below are some questions I get asked quite regularly! Enjoy 🙂

Q: Can I take a shower with my prosthesis on?

A: No. Unless you have a prosthesis specifically designed for water use, you may not shower or bathe with it. Confirm with your Prosthetist if your prosthesis may be used for showering.


Q: Do you sleep with your legs on? 

A: No, that would not be very comfortable. It’s like pair of shoes. I just pop them off and leave them on the floor while I’m sleeping.


Q: Can I continue to enjoy sports with my prosthesis?

A: Absolutely! Most people can resume their sports activities using their prostheses. Today, many advances have been made that allow amputees to participate in practically any sport imaginable. In my case, I am a distance runner. Due to advanced running blades, I am capable of doing half-marathons and more!




Q: Why do you have two different prosthetic legs?

A: This question always confuses me because the answer is right there – I have two different prosthetic legs because I have two different types of leg lengths. One leg is AK (also known as Above the knee, meaning my amputation is above the knee) and the other leg is BK (also known as Below the knee, my amputation is below the knee). For my shorter leg (my AK), I need a longer prosthesis. For my longer leg (BK), I need a shorter prosthesis. Essentially, I have prostheses filling up the spaces where I am missing part of my legs.



Q: Do you get frustrated by people whining about little problems?

A: Oh yes! It’s so frustrating. There are people paralyzed in life that would give anything just to walk. And here we are complaining about a quick 15 minute workout. But I am hoping to be that little inspiration to everyone and encourage them to get moving or just simply love life a little more.


Q: Do you think it’s hard to keep your head up as an amputee?

A: We all go through struggles. Even if I wasn’t an amputee, I’m sure I’d still struggle with something else. However, it’s all about enjoying little moments and little successes. Being an amputee isn’t easy, but I always have to remind myself that it could be worse.


Q: Can you paint your toenails?

A: Absolutely! I actually love painting my “toe nails.” It gives me that sense of real feet.



Q: Can I touch/hold/try on your leg?

A: Uhh, the first two are fine. Regarding the third part of your question, how are you going to do that? I’ll take it off if you want to hold it and see how heavy it is. Trying it on becomes a bit tricky since most people actually have normal legs, so my leg doesn’t quite fit on them. But if you really want to, I’m not going to stop you. Just don’t break it! (You don’t want to know how much prosthetic legs cost…)


Q: How do you use a restroom at night? Do you have to put on your legs to go?

A: It depends on the amputee. Some use crutches, some hop on a leg or if they have to, some just have to put on their prostheses. In my case, since I am a congenital amputee and I’ve always been this way, I just walk on my knees. It’s not ideal, but it works well for me. Plus, by the time I put on my legs, do my business, then take my legs off, I’ll be all awake! Lol!


Q: What’s an amputee leg fart?

A: That’s when you have extra air in the prosthetic leg. And when you attempt to put your leg inside the prosthesis, that bit of trapped air makes a fart noise when its needs to get out. It’s actually quite funny, but can also be awkward too, especially when you tell others that it was your leg and not you!


Q: What’s the hardest part about being an amputee?

A: Not having all my limbs J And telling everyone what happened! I think the idea of being different is just hard. I want to be like everyone else, have normal legs and hands. But this is what I know and life is good. Honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way!




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