Have A Stress Free Holiday Preparation!


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Thanksgiving is in a week which means attending lots of dinner, preparing meals, eating those meals and hanging out with lots of relatives. As fun as the holiday season can be, it can also cause frustration and stress. Trying to attend every holiday gathering, host a party, buy everyone that perfect gift and finish those last minute work projects, can cause stress and put discouragement on the season. And because of stress, you can have a headache, pain and sleep issues. On top of that, it can impact your mood and you can be more angry and irritable. To prevent all of this and have an enjoyable season, here are three tips.

1. Take a breather if you need it and be realistic with yourself. It so easy to get caught on buying and making gifts, attending all of the parties or maintaining your own and cooking that big feast. But you may need to simplify some of the rituals and just make time for yourself. Your loved ones will understand if you can’t participate in all events. That personal breather will allow you not only distress but also clear your mind and restore your inner calm.

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2. Plan ahead. If you are like many people and like to procrastinate, than preparing for holidays can be very stressful. That is why scheduling everything on your calendar and knowing exactly what you need to do and buy can help and prevent you from doing stuff at the last minute. Speaking of last minute gifts, decide what you can afford and stick to that plan. You don’t have to buy expensive gifts to make your loved ones happy. Use your time and money wisely by planning ahead!



3. Lastly, maintain your healthy habits. Holidays are known for overindulgence and a lack of physical activity which can lead to your stress and guilt. It’s okay to enjoy it but not okay to overdo it. To prevent that, make sure you are getting plenty of sleep. Do some physical activity like going on walks. And finally, having healthy snacks before the holiday feast so that you don’t overboard on food and drinks.

Enjoy your last week before busy times come in. Be smart and have fun!


One response to “Have A Stress Free Holiday Preparation!

  1. Jennifer Chiavaro

    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

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