Practical and Fun Gifts for Amputees!

Everyone loves gifts and gift giving! As I was putting together a care package for a friend, it got me thinking; I don’t think many people know of good and practical things to include in a gift for amputees. A lot of the specialized items that are usually recommended for amputees are strictly for the healing process and not used afterwards.

More often than not each person deals with their amputation differently and finds ways to get things done and most of the time it’s the unconventional methods that end up working out best. But in my experience there are some things that are useful for most of the amputees. Here are some of my favorite things!

Baby Wipes and Baby Powder

These useful items are not just for babies anymore! A little box of baby wipes goes a long way to help keep prosthetic and orthotic devices clean. A bottle of a baby powder can also help since baby powder is good for keeping moisture to a minimum, making it more comfortable to wear a prosthetic or orthotic device during long periods of activity.

 Lotion and Lubricant.

Whether you are sending a care package or simply stuffing a stocking, you can’t go wrong with a good lotion. Baby powder is a good combatant for sweat as well; however, sometimes it is easy for the residual limb to feel dry during the colder months. Lotion can help keep skin moisturized, which improves comfort. And, when skin gets cold and dry, it can sometimes be harder to fit into a prosthesis in the winter. For this reason, a bottle of lubricant is a smart purchase that can be very practical for friends and family members with limb loss.

Towel Warmer.

If you are looking for a bigger ticket item, consider giving your friend or family member a towel warmer. This luxurious product will help them keep their liners and comfort socks warm before putting them on in the cold winter mornings.

The Lighter Side.

If your loved one has demonstrated a sense of humor about their limb loss, a funny or clever gift might be right up their alley.

Café Press has lots of t-shirts with limb loss-related witticisms, and we think some of them are pretty funny, especially the one that says “Leg Story: $10.” You can also get drink ware, wall art, and jewelry with amputee humor!

Before you purchase anything humorous for your loved one with limb loss, make sure they are ready to make light of their situation. Most new amputees are still grieving the loss of their limb and the last thing you want to do is appear to be making fun of them. So, unless you are 100% confident that they will appreciate the joke, stick with one of the more serious options!

I also love this Amputee Awareness keychain, which could help the person remember that you are thinking of them every time they look at it! It never hurts to remind them that you care.

Finally, this could be a cool gift for the coffee lover in your life. They’ll probably be the only one at the office with a mug like this! HA!

We hope this list helps in your gift giving efforts whether it is a care package for a new amputee or just gift giving in general. Good luck and have fun shopping!




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