Tanya’s Top 10 Reasons Why It’s Great To Be An Amputee!

Since I’ve been an amputee my whole life, my way to cope with my disability is by joking about it a lot. Sometimes it is to make people temporarily uncomfortable . . . which is really kind of funny for me! LOL! And sometimes it is for them to realize that being an amputee can be awesome and we can all laugh about it!

10. Your missing limb is a great conversation starter. True, you may not always be part of the conversation because it usually happens behind your back, (“OMG what do you think happened to that girl over there?!”) but hey, you can take one for the team.

9. Never again do you have to have a boring Halloween costume! Well, if you do then that’s your choice. But really, there are so many possibilities! It’s a good opportunity to be creative and have fun.

8. Speaking of creativity, being an amputee helps fuel it. Nothing is impossible. Sometimes you just have to find different ways to accomplish a task that seems a little daunting. Most amputees have had to find creative ways to put on shoes, boots, pants, etc. at least one time in their life.

7. Who else hates to shave? I do and less of a leg means less time to spend shaving and more time being creative putting on your shoes. Yep, always trying to be more efficient.

6. Or my favorite one is… Your toes never get cold! You know, because you don’t have toes!


5. And speaking of not having toes, you can’t stub them or have them stepped on. I’ve never had toes so I guess I’ll never feel your pain – sorry guys!

4. Another advantage? You’ll never regret a bad tattoo or an uneven tan because you can always change it. Well, at least for one part of your body. Foot-shells come in a variety of colors so you can plan ahead for a bronzed summer or not.

3. Not to mention the newest trends in unique and personalized custom prosthetic covers. The possibilities are endless which brings you back to that creativity thing.


Photo courtesy of art4leg.com


2. You realize the importance of knowing yourself, on an internal and external way. There was a time that I had soup late at night and then couldn’t put my leg on the next day. Whoa! That’s how I learned foods that are high in sodium make you expand. Your limb health is totally a microcosm for your entire body’s overall health. It’s kind of neat to have that way to measure and take note of yourself!

And the number 1 reason why being an amputee is so great…

1. You learn to understand differences on a global scale. Amputation is unique because it doesn’t discriminate on race, gender, age, whatever! No amputation level is ever exactly the same as anyone else’s, so you learn to find solidarity in people, even fellow amputees, in other ways.

I know, I know . . . Now you want to join the cool people group, too, right?! It just sounds like so much fun! Well, I’m sorry to say that this is a very exclusive and permanent club. In all honesty, the perks of being a non-amputee are probably much better than the list I have of stumplet benefits. I’d say that you’re probably better off enjoying your limbs as they are. Unless you actually are an amputee, in which case, hey there . . . feel free to add to the list!


3 responses to “Tanya’s Top 10 Reasons Why It’s Great To Be An Amputee!

  1. Tanya! You are so cool! Keep writing and keep inspiring 🙂 God is using you in amazing ways!! thank you for continuing to humble and encourage me!!! Lizie

  2. One big advantage is you have a good foot to lead with when stepping in tall grass where snakes might be.

  3. I am enjoying your page.
    My daughter had part of her leg amputated from below the knee 4 weeks ago today.
    She is 41, single, no children.
    She keeps a positive attitude most of the time.
    She is staying with my husband and me.
    This is so new.
    Everything can be overwhelming, especially for her but even for us.
    Any pointers???

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