Things to Know About Dating an Amputee

Relationships are for everyone. But when it comes to amputees, there are a few things we should know that will help move relationships along to bigger things – like love!


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Patience is a huge factor in any relationship, but especially if you are dating an amputee. Most of the time, it takes a little longer to get ready. Putting on prosthetic legs and putting pants or shoes on those legs all takes time! Be patient!

Doctors’ appointments

When it comes to amputation, lots of different doctor’s appointments will be in the future. Prosthetics, physical therapy, psychologists, general doctors. Life is scheduled around appointments because it is all part of the journey to get walking again. Be supportive, offer to accompany the person you are dating to any of their appointments.

People stare all the time

Children stare. Adults stare. It is something out of the ordinary to see someone coming through the street with no legs. Or robot legs. There are people who will come up to you on the street and say things like, God bless you, or anything along those lines. We know they mean well, but all it does is draw more attention to the disability. Some people ask questions nicely and out of pure curiosity. Some people point and stare and laugh. Amputations are not contagious and just because someone is different does not make them bad or less of a person. Everybody is a little different, but some differences are clearly more prominent than others. Try not to let it bother you and follow the lead of the person you are dating. They’ll know when to react and when not to!

You’ll get your feet stepped on all the time

Another major challenge to dating an amputee is the amount of times he/she does not know where their prosthetic feet are. Normally, it’s because they can wind up stepping on your foot and ouch, it can hurt!!! Be prepared and watch your feet. LOL!

Focus on the person, not the disability

Amputees are funny, they can get mad, they cook, they can be loving, play sports, they can cry and can go shopping. Once you start to focus on how much they live a normal life, you forget about their disability. Think of that person as the person you are dating, not the amputee you are dating.



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Happy Dating and we hope Cupid’s Arrow hits you! ❤


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