Top 10 Things I Wish People Knew About Amputees!

Hey guys, its Tanya again! Being an amputee is part of my everyday life, but there are a few things I wish people knew about me and other amputees! So… here it is, my top 10 Things I Wish People Knew About Amputees!

  1. No two legs are the same! Our prosthetic sockets are carefully and meticulously molded to each of our stumps. Test sockets are made, things are shaped and cut down and built up and re-molded so no, we can’t switch for fun. 16831170_1373635402704030_4721812029784467144_n
  2. Not all amputees are the same! There are Above-Knee, Below-Knee, Bilateral, Double, Congenital, and many other types of amputations!
  3. We don’t all know each other! Just because your grandson is an amputee, doesn’t mean I know him. I mean, we don’t event live in the same state.
  4. Helping is okay! Yes, I need help sometimes, but just talk to me like a normal adult who spills chocolate milk on herself just like you.
  5. I am Lucky! Even though I am missing both legs and some fingers, I still consider myself incredibly lucky. I have a great career, I have wonderful friends, and I do this blog for fun.
  6. We really, really, REALLY appreciate our ability to walk. Most of us try extremely hard to avoid resorting to wheelchair use, unless we absolutely have to.
  7. We are not all heroes! Yes, some amputees are veterans and lost their limbs during their service and we are so thankful for them! However, not all of us are veterans! Some of us are congenital amputees, some are cancer survivors, some are victims of unfortunate accidents, and some are just paying for careless mistakes. You ask why? Well, thanking us for our service that we did not do makes us feel guilty and different.
  8. We can and do lead normal lives! No, really, like we still have normal jobs, pay bills, have hobbies and argue with families. J Most normal activities people take for granted, we can do too! Watch us and you will see what we can and can’t do. …because like I stated before, there are a few things we ALL can use help with, whether we are amputees or not.
  9. If you have a question, PLEASE just ask. Being stared at hurts. And that hurt starts to build up inside, when the gawking is all we get. It gets exhausting. But we’re understanding- and I cannot stress this enough- all you have to do is talk to us. We’re all human.
  10. I am not inspiration just because of prosthesis! I wear prosthetic legs, but that doesn’t mean I am inherently inspiring. I am inspiring because I am living my life to the fullest.14907232_1248073238593581_9222515081476148964_n

2 responses to “Top 10 Things I Wish People Knew About Amputees!

  1. I think you are wonderful 🙂

  2. Wow, wish this had been published 40 years ago when, as a young lady. I lost my leg below the knee in a Jeep rollover.!! Great information!!

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