One of Knit-Rite’s Own Retires

One of the first things you think about when you hear “Knit-Rite” is family.  The togetherness and comradery felt within the walls is unique to the workplace.  That’s why when one of its leaders retires it is truly bittersweet.  You’re happy for their accomplishments, but sad to lose their daily contributions.

Lucky for Knit-Rite that we’ll still get to see Ron Hercules from time to time.  But alas, last month he officially retired and got to celebrate his long career with his Knit-Rite family at a big family lunch!


The party started with a celebratory line of employees cheering and welcoming Ron and his family, which was followed by a delicious barbecue lunch from Kansas City favorite Gates Barbecue.  After lunch Knit-Rite employees showered Ron with heartfelt speeches, stories and gifts.


So, as Ron moves on to a new adventure in his life, he’ll carry with him his Knit-Rite family.  And the Knit-Rite family will carry on with the knowledge and wisdom that Ron has contributed throughout the years.  That’s what families do.



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