Seamless Products from Knit-Rite

It’s Sensory Processing Disorder Awareness Month and this is something that Knit-Rite knows a lot about.  One of the brands made at Knit-Rite is SmartKnit, which tackles the difficult problem of Sensory Processing Disorder.  Many people with Sensory Processing Disorder are bothered by seams, tags and uncomfortable clothes.


As part of our SmartKnit brand, Knit-Rite makes seamless socks, undies, bralettes and even a compression tank t-shirt to help children struggling with sensory issues.  SmartKnit socks are soft, moisture wicking, and perfectly seamless.


But, kids with Sensory Processing Disorder aren’t the only ones that don’t like seams.  Diabetics tend to prefer seamless socks also, as seams can irritate their feet and cause blisters.  Because good foot care is very important to people with diabetes, seamless socks can become a necessity.  Our SmartKnit Diabetic socks fit snuggly against the skin preventing them from rubbing and irritating, reducing the risk of blisters.  They are also moisture wicking, which helps to keep feet free of fungus.  And, of course, they are seamless, eliminating another point of irritation.


And since we know that no one wants to wear garments that cause irritation, that’s not where our seamless products end.  We use the same concepts and ideas with orthotic and prosthetic socks.  Soft, comfortable, moisture-wicking yarns are used to make comfortable and seamless garments, such as prosthetic socks, AFO, KAFO and orthotic torso body socks.


At Knit-Rite, we’re all about improving the lives of others.  And we know our comfortable and seamless products do just that.

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