Mobility Awareness Month

May is Mobility Awareness Month.  Improving mobility is such an important factor in the quality of life for an amputee.  Knit-Rite is dedicated to helping amputees improve their mobility with a number of products designed for just that.  One such product is the Power Belt Auxiliary Suspension Belt.

PBELT adj leg-1

The Power Belt is made of powerful high denier Lycra that squeezes a prosthesis to the body.  The affect is better body integration, improved control and proprioception.  Many amputee patients state that the power belt makes the prosthesis feel more like a part of them, increasing mobility.

The Power Belt is made of cool, thin, breathable and durable nylon lycra material for maximum comfort.  Differing from other belts of this kind, Knit-Rite’s Power Belt is uniquely low profile.  It is also latex free.

Available in sizes ranging from X-Small to 2X-Large, the Power Belt is featured in four different designs to meet the needs of most wearers.  These styles include the Original, the Gunslinger Waist, the Bilateral and the Adjustable Waist with Adjustable Leg.

The Power Belt and other products from Knit-Rite make amazing contributions to the mobility of amputees, but the Knit-Rite team also encourages amputees to continue this forward.  This calendar at lists several O & P events around the country, including Mobility Clinics sponsored by Ossur.  We encourage you to find a Mobility Clinic in your area.

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