Beyond Prosthetics and Orthotics

At Knit-Rite, part of the mission statement is to improve the lives of those who use our products.  That goes beyond prosthetic and orthotic products.  Therafirm is a division of Knit-Rite and a manufacturer of quality compression hosiery and socks.

The true gradient compression offered in Therafirm hosiery and socks delivers a controlled amount of pressure greatest at the ankle and gradually decreases toward the top of the stocking to promote blood flow, assist in preventing swelling and provide relief for tired and achy legs.

Therafirm includes several brands to offer the therapeutic benefits of gradient compression to different markets, including Preggers, for maternity compression; Core-Sport, for athletic compression; and GOGO, Ease and Core-Spun, for comfortable and easy-to-wear everyday compression.

We’re proud of improving the lives of many people with these products.  But, don’t take it from us.  Here are a few of the things our customers say about our Therafirm products!

  • Jill J. who ordered Maternity Leggings and Support Band from Preggers
    I am 35 weeks along and I was on my feet all day at work. My legs did not ache or swell at all after a 6 hour day in my new Preggers leggings.
  • Leigh who ordered Light Support Maternity Footless Tights from Preggers
    I thought I would be chained to wearing compression nylons all summer. I find nylons itchy and frustrating due to how easily they snag or start to sag. However, when I found these footless tights, I have not needed to go back to nylons. These tights feel comfortable all day long, do not sag, and still look great despite me wearing them everyday for two months so far. My friends and family tell me all the time that they do not look like maternity compression hose, and I agree.Leigh_Review
  • Martha B. who ordered Mild Compression Athletic Performance Socks from Therafirm
    Great product! Excellent support! Perfect for the gym… It keeps sweat off but also doesn’t make you sweaty. Highly recommend!
  • Carrie who ordered Women’s Light Support Tights from Therafirm
    I bought 5 pairs of these. The material is so soft and comfortable. It never bunches up behind my knees and is very easy to put on. I love the colors they look stunning with skirts. Thank you, Therafirm, for making good quality and beautiful compression wear. I love them!Carrie-review
  • T.W who ordered Women’s Mild Support Pantyhose from Therafirm
    I am hooked! So energizing, fabulous fabric, loved the cocoa brown color. Soon, I will get in black as well. Great waistband too.T.W-Review
  • T.B. who ordered Light Support Pantyhose from GOGO
    I personally have been very satisfied with the fit and feel of your products. The graduated compression really helps to keep me moving and feeling healthy. When wearing these, I am encouraged to get up and get moving with much less pain or fatigue. You folks have an awesome and affordable product that helps people get back to appreciating the basics in life! Thank You!!
  • Andrea H. who ordered Light Support Footless Tights from GOGO
    I just received these today and I have yet to take them off. The color is awesome (and exactly as pictured), and they’re soft and comfortable.

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