Defining Service

What does it mean to live in poverty?


It’s hard to imagine when you don’t live it every day.  What thoughts go through our heads?  I think of the starving children in countries around the world.  It always seems far away, distant.  But, poverty is alive right under our noses in our communities.

Down the street from the Knit-Rite building in Kansas City, Kansas is a community outreach organization called Cross Lines.  Knit-Rite and its employees are involved in programs supported by Cross Lines.

Cross Lines operates a food kitchen out of one of its buildings.  Once a month, Knit-Rite employees volunteer to prepare and serve food to those in need.






During the holidays, Cross Lines hosts a Christmas Store, where families receive clothes, coats, household items and children’s toys for Christmas.  Cross Lines stocks the store with donations – many of which come from Knit-Rite.


Once every summer, Cross Lines organizes a 5K walk called Blackout For Lights On.  Money raised from the 5K goes to help families pay their electronic bill.  Knit-Rite is a sponsor for Blackout For Lights On and many of the employees participate in the walk.




Knit-Rite participates in several other drives throughout the year with Cross Lines, including food drives, a school supplies drive, and a prom dress drive.  Cross Lines hosts a thrift store, a food pantry and a plant sale supported by their own garden.


At Knit-Rite, Service is defined as the little things that we do to help improve the lives of our neighbors and our community.

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