Orange Socks For Stroke Awareness!

According to Honor Whiteman of, “Overall, 15% of the most common types of strokes occur in young people and adolescents, with more young people showing risk factors for strokes.” What’s alarming is that because of the lack of awareness, strokes in young people are likely to be misdiagnosed.

Twenty-four year-old Amy Wooddell was left motionless and speechless after surviving a brain stem stroke. She was unable to speak for months. When Amy regained her ability to speak, the first thing she said was “I love you” to her husband of 4 months – and also said that she wanted an orange popsicle.

Her ability to speak those words were inspiration to begin what is now known as National Orange Popsicle Week, a local donor-supported organization doing everything they can to build and support the community of young stroke survivors by raising awareness funds and contributing to the ongoing research of stroke in young people.

With regard to what the experience has been like so far for NPOW since it began, founder Jonny said, “It is ever-changing. We are noticing things that are hard to see from the public perspective … especially the things that should really be better, such as healthcare for survivors.”

As far as the orange socks they offer at their online store go, Jonny said, “Mark (CEO of Knit-Rite, Inc.) and I went to Rosedale BBQ and I asked him for some orange socks. Not long after, they appeared on our doorstep! We’re so glad we’re able to give orange AFO socks to our stroke survivors. We deliver them to rehab facilities (Rehab Institute of Kansas City and Chicago) and let them pass out to needed patients. We also sell them to non-stroke survivors.”

To help support NOPW in their efforts, visit their online store. Proceeds go towards funding, research and to raise awareness for stroke in young adults and adolescents.

See details below for a list of NOPW events happening all this week!

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